1839 Woodview avenue, Pickering, ON L1V 1L3, CA
Wendy Daly Studio

Energy Based Art Work

Ancient metaphysical energy of silica & minerals make GLASS a powerful conductor of Energy, Light and Colour. The Grounding Energy is the Root of all of my Work.


RAINBOW Inspired

Radiating Colour, Beauty and Presence, Rainbows support Inclusion, Empowerment and Chakra Balancing & Healing. During a time I was making fused glass jewellery, I spent a lot of hours building Rainbows. Intuitively, I knew they were meant to be more...

..So Intuitively I worked,  allowing the energy of the Rainbow to Guide & Inspire and fused glass Rainbow Abstracts began to grace my studio. 

The more I explored making the abstracts, it seemed disconnected to title them "Rainbow Abstracts". Hopefully influenced by something more metaphysical than modern culture; titling this series of work  "RA". 

Realizing then, that it was always more about the "Energy" of the rainbow.

Embracing "RA"

RA is the sound archetype symbolizing the light/fire in many languages, and acoustically is the Root of Fire.

The RAinbow is public, the RAinbow is personal. 

Take ample looking glass time - and get lost in the Colour, Light & Layers!


Sage, my sweet chocolate lab, and I -  start every day with a morning trail walk. In the presence of Nature, I embrace its Beauty & Its Energy.  A Time & Space for me that is, Comfort, Safe & True....Bursting with Inspiration !